How will you know when I have died?
When you become a member you will be asked to provide the details of a confidant someone you have chosen to disclose that you have a Coffin Confession, it will be up to that confidant to let us know of your passing.
How will my confidant retrieve my Confession?
Once we have been advised and confirmed of your passing your Confession can be retrieved by your nominated confidant however they must become a member of Coffin Confessions to do so.
Do I have to nominate a confidant?
No however should we be advised of your passing and you have not chosen a confidant we may release your Confession to your next of kin, family member or friend of our choosing.
Can I update/edit my Confession?
You can delete the original Confession then upload a new version free of charge.
Are there any ongoing or hidden fees?
No, the membership fee is $9.99.
Can I become a member and upload my Confession at a later date?
Is this service just for those with a terminal illness or is it available to everybody?
Most don’t know death is near and most die without saying good bye, this service is available to every person on the planet.
Can my Confession contain swear words, graphic images, confessions of a crime or something I have done an extra marital affair?
Yes, everyone on this planet has a skeleton in the closet, let it out why take it with you.
Will you place my Confession on Social Media?
No we won’t but be advised we have no control over what your confidant does once they are in possession of your Confession.
Where is my Coffin Confession stored?
On our data base where we will ensure to keep all content as safe as possible.
Can I make my Coffin Confession my last will and testament?
No, however the content of your Confession may be used in Court if your Will is contested.
How will people know I have done this?
Tell them, you don’t have to tell them the Confession just that you have a Coffin Confession.
Is there a cancelation fee?
Do you view my Confession?
No we do not view your Confession due to the number of Confessions uploaded however should we be contacted by police or are ordered by the Courts to release a Confession we will view its content prior and discuss with you its release.
Can you guarantee that my Coffin Confession will be released to my chosen confidant?
There are no guarantees in life except death however every effort is made to get your Coffin Confession to your chosen confidant.
Does my Coffin Confession have to be seen, read or heard at my funeral?
No, however should you wish the Confession to be your eulogy you must let your confidant know so they can contact us ASAP.
Can my Coffin Confession be read out for me at my funeral?
Yes, you can also engage The Coffin Confessor to crash your funeral his details are on the Home Page of our website.
Is there a disclaimer?
Yes, every potential member will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions prior to joining, part of these terms and condition are but not limited to: Coffin Confessions its creator, owners and associates are NOT responsible for the content uploaded by its members and as such cannot be held liable or responsible for said content.